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Kurtis Bain


Born into Real Estate! I can remember back when I was 11 years old delivering flyers for my parents Real Estate brokerage. My brother and I were always around the office helping/hindering and picking up on all the little things Realtors do.

I never thought I too would get into Real Estate, of course we all want to carve our own path and create something our parents didn't have. With that I completed my degree in Computer Science. The main thing the degree taught me is that I didn't want a desk job. I didn't want to be traveling downtown every day to work for someone else. So naturally, I obtained my Real Estate license at the age of 21.

Being a 21 year old Realtor is tough. You’re too young for the typical buyers and sellers and people my age weren't even thinking about buying and selling Real Estate. That's where having one of Calgary's top Real Estate agents for a mother makes all the difference.

I started my Real Estate career by shadowing Dixie, going on appointments, learning the ropes. Meeting with clients to sign off on waivers, amendments etc. By the time I was 24 I was actively selling property. Although I was selling, doing well at it and loving the rush, I was not fully satisfied. I wanted more. I wanted something to call my own. At 29 I enrolled to complete the Real Estate Brokers program. I wanted to be the Broker, the manager & mentor. Not to mention Dixie and I wanted control of how we run our own business. We were tired of being dictated to by the big name franchises.

In 2009 I opened Concordia Real Estate and property management. At first it was only me with a few property management trades under my belt and Dixie still with a big name brokerage. We operated as a cooperating brokerage for a while but it was missing something.  Although the franchises may be restrictive they were also good for support. That's when Andrew Cimmerman, founder of HomeLife approached us again. We had been shopping different franchises but the restrictions they set would cause our growing property management to a come to a screeching halt. In negotiations with HomeLife, Andrew told us that our brokerage decisions are ours to make. HomeLife has programs and support for both agents and brokerages that are unmatched in the industry and they give us the freedom to run our brokerage how we see fit.

Thanks to HomeLife, our company HomeLife Central Real Estate Services is your one stop Real Estate shop. We have all the tools and resources to handle your Real Estate needs.

Designation: B.Sc.
Languages: English
Experience: 17

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